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Stop the Land Swap

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draft wellington regional growth framewo

Wellington Regional Growth Framework

You have until Monday 10th May to make a submission

Public consultation on the Wellington Regional Growth Framework is now open. It closes on Monday 10th May 2021. It sets the direction for urban growth in the Wellington region for the next 30+ years. It includes Upper Hutt’s “Southern Growth Area”. The framework doesn’t tell you, but Upper Hutt City Council’s “Southern Growth Area” is the Guildford Timber Company’s proposed development on the Silverstream Spur and the greenbelt hills of Silverstream, Pinehaven and Blue Mountains. If you do not want development on the Pinehaven and Silverstream hills, then you only have until Monday 10th May to ‘Have Your Say’.

UHCC long term plan.png

UHCC Long Term Plan 2021-2031

Public Consultation has now Closed, thank you to everyone who made a submission

Public consultation on Upper Hutt City Council’s Long Term Plan 2021-2031 is now open. It closes on Monday 26th April 2021. It sets out Council’s budgets for the next 10 years. It does not disclose the full costs of the Pinehaven Streamworks or provide flood protection for Pinehaven. It implements Wellington Regional Growth Framework’s “Southern Growth Area”, but does not disclose costs of the land swap or roading or infrastructure costs for the Guildford development on Silverstream Spur and Pinehaven hills. If you do not want development on the hills, or you want flood protection for Pinehaven you only have until Mon 26th April to ‘Have Your Say’.

land swap.jpg

Stop the Land Swap

Sign the petition here

I oppose the proposed land swap of the publicly owned Silverstream Spur, to stop an access road from Kiln Street for a housing development on the Spur and hills above Pinehaven. If it proceeds it will create major traffic increases in Silverstream, create a danger of major flooding and landslips and permanently destroy the visual beauty and character of the area. The Spur should remain a protected recreational reserve for the enjoyment of the entire Hutt Valley community and for future generations.

flood protection.jpg

Flood Protection for Pinehaven

Sign the petition here

I request accurate flood modelling and flood protection for Pinehaven. Reliable expert evidence indicates Council’s current flood model for Pinehaven is flawed. Council’s role is to protect the wellbeing of its communities and the environment, and so Council must fix the flood model to protect Pinehaven from increased flood risk and land slips that may come from extra runoff from future development on Pinehaven and Silverstream hills.

UHCC long term plan.png

Full Financial Disclosure

Petition coming soon

I request that the Long Term Plan disclose full costs to ratepayers for the Pinehaven Streamworks (about $30M + loan interest), the proposed land swap of the Silverstream Spur, and costs for the proposed ‘Guildford’ development on Pinehaven / Silverstream hills in Plan Change 50 such as roading, infrastructure, services (water, wastewater, stormwater management,  power). Financial transparency gains public confidence in Council’s good governance.

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