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Upper Hutt City Council flood control plan gets Audit NZ blessing

Upper Hutt City Council’s Long Term Plan that includes the controversial stream widening project to alleviate flooding in the Pinehaven and Silverstream areas has been approved by both Upper Hutt City Council and Audit NZ.

The Plan will soon be released for public consultation.

The Long Term Plan conceals that the potential completion cost for the project has now blown out from 10 million dollars to 30 million dollars.

The Upper Hutt City Council says the cost for the streamworks is being shared 50/50 with Greater Wellington Regional Council but this has yet to confirmed and seem extremely doubtful.

Local residents are literally scratching their heads as to how such a massive cost increase can be rubber stamped by Audit NZ without a proper investigation into what caused the blowout and into its value or otherwise to the community. For many residents in the flood zone it provides no protection at all.

They are also fearful that their future rate bills will dramatically increase to fund a flood works project that actually protects no one from flooding.

It is understood that local action group Save Our Hills approached Audit NZ before approval was granted calling for a thorough investigation into the Council ‘s cost calculations.

A number of other issues were also raised with them relating to what effect a proposed new housing development on the hills above Pinehaven and Silverstream had on the cost of the project.

Audit NZ apparently saw no grounds to implement an investigation and declined to meet with the local action group to discuss their concerns.

Upper Hutt City Council also continues to refuse any meaningful discussion on this matter.

Graham Griffiths

Save Our Hills Organisation

Phone 0212 671 758

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