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Save Our Hills (S Pattinson) - Time of Concentration

‘Time of Concentration’ is the estimated time it takes for rain that falls on the highest, most distant part of the catchment (the top of sub-catchment B on the Pinehaven hills) to arrive at the point of interest.

In this case the bottom of steep hills at the upper end of Pinehaven Road, and from there along flatter ground to the gauge in Pinehaven Stream at Silverstream Reformed Church (“opposite Chatsworth Road”) at the bottom of the catchment. Stephen Pattinson (Save Our Hills) explored the source of the Pinehaven Stream on site and supplied these photos, descriptions of different parts of the stream on sub-catchment B, and ‘time of concentration’ calculations to R J Hall and Associates to assist Bob Hall with his analysis of the Pinehaven hydrology (study of rainfall and runoff in this catchment).

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