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Bob Hall – Pinehaven Hydrology

Hydrologist and flood engineering expert Bob Hall, of R J Hall & Associates Ltd, calculated that SKM’s and Jacobs’ ‘future development scenarios’ will increase flooding by about 500%, not 1% as asserted in the work by SKM, Jacobs and Beca.

Bob Hall reviewed the hydrology by MWH, the flood model by SKM, the audit by Beca, and Jacobs’ reworking of the model and found that the major error in their ‘future development’ modelling had not been resolved or even addressed. Bob Hall concluded there are still “substantive discrepancies” in the Pinehaven flood model and flood maps, and that “the flood modelling … should be … corrected before any reliance is placed upon it as the baseline modelling for assessing post-development runoff of future Guildford development in the upper Pinehaven catchment.”

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